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Parrot Foot Toys

Posted by Caroline on

Foot toys (or talon toys) are great fun and helpful for improving coordination and muscle use.

One of the things that distinguish parrots from the rest of the bird kingdom is their feet. They have zygodactyl claws; two toes forward and two toes back, which aids them in feeding, grooming, climbing, walking and perching. Parrots use their feet just like we use our hands. So when you’re thinking of toys for parrots don’t just think about engaging the eye and the beak. Think about engaging their feet. 

Foot toys are extremely desirable to many parrots… but they require dexterity to hold and to manipulate! A variety of toe, leg and breast muscles are engaged to lift, turn and throw the toy and a parrot cannot help but improve their balance and co-ordination when playing with them.

Foot toys are particularly useful for encouraging a sedentary parrot to move within their environment, getting exercise as they seek one hiding under that newspaper, or when retrieving their favourite from the cage floor after dropping it.

Foot toys are portable which makes them good for parrots sitting on a shoulder or lap. But to really get the most out of them use them for some joint play-time.

Play fetch, tug of war or a game of hide-and-seek-the-bird-toy. Have your parrot clamber all over you and the furniture to get that toy back, incidentally giving your parrot good exercise and putting you in the ‘fun’ category of people.

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