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Bathing is essential for all birds and, given the opportunity, most birds will bathe frequently. Bathing helps prevent itchiness and feather plucking behaviour and is of great benefit during moulting as it softens the keratin covering new feathers so it can be gently removed. And don't forget the social aspect! Taking your bird into the shower with you is a great opportunity for bonding. See our article on bird bathing here.

  • Large Suction Cup with it's hanger bolt.

    Spare suction cups for our shower perches or for whatever you want to use them for. They come with a pilot hole and a little 5/32" hanger bolt (not stainless steel) for attaching them. We recommend caution when attaching,...

  • Bird Bath

    It's like a bath, only it's small and fits a bird instead of a person. Genius! It attaches to the side of small bird cages, allowing en-suite like access for your bird. It is perfect for budgies, parakeets, canaries and...