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My Parrot Shop is changing hands

Posted by Caroline on

25 June 2018

Hello everybody!

If you received our last communication you’ll know that we advertised My Parrot Shop for sale. We had quite a few inquiries to say the least! It was heartening to see that people really wanted My Parrot Shop to find a safe home.

It was REALLY hard to go through all the applicants to find the right match for My Parrot Shop. We wanted someone who KNEW parrots, someone who KNEW crafty things, someone who had exhibited the diligence and intelligence required to research materials for your feathered friends' safety, and someone who had the energy and desire to love My Parrot Shop and all its loyal customers. 

There were lots of chats and interviews and meetings and the final decision was a traumatic process, but we promise you all – we made an excellent choice. They’re everything we wanted and more; you’re gonna love ‘em! 

So, this is it. On July 1, My Parrot Shop will be under the management of it’s new adoptive parents: Nikki and Steve. We’ll still be hovering over their shoulders for a while (what parent wouldn’t when handing over their baby), but really, they’re going to be great at this regardless. 


So, it’s a bit of a hassle, but My Parrot Shop will be relocating from Melbourne to rural NSW as part of all this! We apologise for this inconvenience, but because there will be a large amount of packing, transporting, unpacking and sorting to be done, we have the following announcements:

  • There will be a temporary delay on the shipping of orders received from midday on Wednesday the 27th June until the 6th July.
  • Please feel free to contact My Parrot Shop via phone or email during this time though. The 1800 number will continue to work and the new contact details will be updated on our Contact Us page this weekend.
  • If your order is currently on hold - don't worry. The change of ownership will not affect your order's status, and it will be a sent to you as soon as possible.

Keep watching this space for introductions to the new owners and exciting new announcements and specials in the near future. My Parrot Shop will continue to be the parrot shop you know and love, with a few new and exciting things around the corner! 

Yours sincerely,

Caroline and Vicki

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