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Making a Wall Play Station for your Parrot

Posted by Caroline on

I set this up in our seminar room at the factory. It didn't take much more than an hour of fiddling and would have gone even faster if I'd had a spare pair of hands. Picking the right branches takes a natural eye or a bit of practice. I found these in one of the parks I take my children to, having fallen down in the wind the night before. They're both Eucalypts of some sort.

Attaching them to the wall was simply holding the branch up against the wall, trimming bits off here and there to make it sit right, finding the balance points and then attaching it to the wall at those points.

I used scrap leather, stainless steel screws and stainless steel washers.

And then of course I performed the safety check by wacking it in various places to simulate a parrot doing a rough landing, and walking my hands along the various branches and twigs putting pressure on it as I went, to confirm that the bird's weight won't tip it in an unexpected way. Not to mention (since these were at head height) checking for potential human eye gouging from perches sticking out.

The bushy part in the picture below is just a few branches of foliage stuffed into a gap, rather than the branch I actually attached to the wall.

Attaching the food bowls was simple. Most food bowls with holders come with a bolt - so you just need to drill the appropriate size hole through the perch you want it on. I choose to keep the hole as tight as possible so that I literally have to screw the food bowl holder in rather than just rely on the pressure of the washer and nut on the other side to hold the bowl in an upright position.

You could also use holes you've drilled through a perch to hold a kabob.

And of course if you add a few screw eyes and you have convenient places to attach toys to.

These play areas are great. They're far more interesting than the curtain rails and much safer than the top of the door. And if your bird suddenly takes flight from your shoulder or the floor in a panic, its far more likely to head for these handy perches than a framed picture or window.

And they barely cost a thing! If you need to you can buy leather, washers and screws like I used on our website.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Getting lengths of leather that will be long enough is guaranteed if you buy the Monster 2.5kg leather pack, but you could get the 500g pack and make a request during checkout for us to choose scraps suitable for making a wall playstation.

Scrap Leather Pieces

And, of course, you may find other bits and bobs in our toyparts and hardware sections that suit your situation better.

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