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About My Parrot Shop

My Parrot Shop is a family-run business established in 2006 and located in Melbourne, Australia.

Our purpose is to supply safe and exciting products for discerning companion parrots anywhere in the world, particularly to Australia & New Zealand.

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Caroline is a parrot enthusiast who first became interested in birds when she was 8 years old, building her own aviary and breeding canaries & finches. Caroline is fascinated with all parrots and their continuously effervescent approach to life. Caroline is the manager of My Parrot Shop.

Vicki is always cheerful and is the face of My Parrot Shop, she loves birds (and birds love her). Vicki is the person who manages sales and customer service, most of the picking & packing of your orders.

Everybody pitches in stock control and manufacturing.


About the My Parrot range of Parrot Toys

My Parrot is the name of our very own range of parrot toys. They’re hand made by us in Melbourne, and the materials we use have been carefully researched to ensure maximum safety and quality.

These materials include vegetable tanned leather, non-toxic plastic, vegetable dye to make coloured toy parts, stainless steel hardware and untreated wood from safe species of trees.

Under the My Parrot brand we also sell a wide range of toy parts so you can make your own toys and refurbish old ones.

Parrots are gregarious, intelligent and loving creatures. The parrot toys we create can help you enrich their lives without the worry of destroying their health. Armed with the knowledge that you are providing safe products to your parrot, you can take a step back for a moment and enjoy the splendour of such a wonderful companion.