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  • Macaw with the 12" Large Ball Kabob
  • Macaw with the 12" Large Ball Kabob
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SS Kabobs - Large Ball


Product Description

This large-ball kabob is 8" long (ball not included in measurement).

Extremely durable and dishwasher safe, this multipurpose stainless steel parrot toy will fast become a favourite with you and your parrot, and you'll end up wanting more than one!

An essential ingredient for any foraging set up. This kabob is a fantastic bird product that stands out from the crowd because of it extreme durability and unique hanging system. Designed to be hung from the acrylic ball - you simply poke the metal rod up through the cage ceiling from the inside, and screw the ball on from the outside. Extremely useful for people out there with mechanically inclined birds who like nothing more than undoing the quick links on their toys - the sphere is a much more challenging hanging system to undo! The large 1.75" (44mm) acrylic ball makes it ideal for large birds and cages with really big bar spacing (its also easier to screw on for people with big hands).

The large-ball kabob is also available in 12" 18" lengths.

Some suggestions on the use of this parrot product:

As a foraging toy:
Skip cutting your fruit and vegetables into small pieces that your bird can hold (and quickly discard) when it would be easier for you and more stimulating for your bird to simply hang the whole piece of fruit up and let your companion parrot have its dash at it. Let your bird have the pleasure of skinning the orange before chewing at its juicy segments, or gradually munch through a slab of pumpkin, or pick all the corn off the cob (but not before it removes the leaves first)! Not only does this stainless steel skewer allow your bird essential mental and foraging stimulation it makes food preparation a quicker business for you. Naturally the material of this product protects it from the fruit acids, and the size of the loop at the bottom is sufficient enough to prevent fruit from sliding off.

A bit hard to get a skewer through that vegetable? Have a look at our Living with Parrots tips page...

As a toy base:
Use the skewer to hang leftover or fresh toy parts. Even a hyacinth macaw is going to take a very long time getting through this thick stainless steel rod, making it an extremely economical hanging material. And in fact, hanging it all by itself is often quite fun for those metal loving parrots.

As a toy extender:
Sometimes there's a lot of space between the ceiling and where you'd prefer a toy to hang. Using a long piece of string or chain to hang the toy can pose a strangling hazard with a parrot that plays energetically. This long rod is an excellent substitute because it is stiff and no amount of flapping and yanking will cause it to twist up or wrap around a neck. Simply attach a toy to the loop at the bottom with a quick link (both our medium and large quick links will fit without slipping through the gap on the loop).

Expandable Habitats

Product Reviews

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  1. Great for serving fresh veg 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Mar 2024

    Spud makes great use of his kabob. He has his raw veggies on one & it’s a very simple way for him to eat them without the less favourite things being hurled out of a dish. He can still peel the red apples with his beak & tidily puts the peeled bits in his water dish?. He also eats the end out of a mini capsicum & uses the hollow capsicum to store the skins of each squeezed corn bit. Very easy for him when they are both on the kabob. He really enjoys his food this way. He’s had them for years.

  2. SS Kabob 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th May 2018

    Fun and versatile product that keeps my parrots entertained. Great to have them working for their food, I also thread wood and toys on them too, so they also make a great toy as well.

  3. Large Kabob 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Apr 2017

    Great product to hold items on (wood or food) for my parrots to chew.

  4. Excellent and long lasting 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Mar 2017

    We have a Green Wing Macaw and got the short and long , large ball kebabs 2 years ago. Both have had lots of use with whole corn cobs and other food. Also put it "upside down" ( ball in cage) with half a coconut shell on top as a "bowl" and she plays a lot with the bashing the ball inside the cage. Extremely hard for the bird to unwind the ball. They have lasted the distance.

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