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Balsa is a natural light, soft and shreddable wood enjoyed by all parrots whether they are little budgies or one of the largest macaws.

It's random what you'll get in our scrap packs, but you'll definitely be getting a lot of it.

Using a Stanley knife you can cut through balsa with a few passovers or cut through it like butter with a hand saw. You can drill holes in it, and if the piece is not too thick you can just stab it with something pointy.

Frankly, most parrots will enjoy this material with the minimum of trappings, so jab a hole in a piece and attach it to the cage bars and you've got yourself a winner parrot toy with minimal expense or fuss. But otherwise you have an easy material to work with to create some true parrot toy splendours.

Buying balsa from a hobby store is extremely costly but not the stuff we've got for you.

100g of balsa will overflow a 500ml storage container and you'll need something like a standard bucket to store the 500g pack.

The balsa pieces can come in thin sticks up to 30cm long or big flat pieces measuring only a couple of millimetres thick, or they could be 10cm blocks.

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  1. Eclectus Hens Will Love This! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Aug 2020

    Small chunks, big chunks, large slabs, small sticks - you name it, my eclectus hens will reduce it to toothpick size in no time flat. This is an economical way to buy balsa, and a great way to keep beaks busy doing what they're made for.

  2. Wonderfully destructable at a great price 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Apr 2017

    Such a large amount of delightfully destructable fun for my SCC. From smaller pieces that I can hide in his foraging to ones big enough that I can embed beads, pieces of nuts or other fun things into to be foot toys on their own. We both approve!

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