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Product Description

The Plastic Jungle, coming in two sizes with their own attachment hardware, is a super awesome toy, offering far more than what first meets the eye. Firstly and most observably it’s a whole pile of plastic chain. Parrots, for reasons we can only guess at, love chain. Seriously. LOVE chain. The Plastic Jungle parrot toy has twelve lengths of plastic chain dangling from a stainless steel bolt which can be placed anywhere you like in the cage, top, bottom or side.

On each length you will find a tie of vegetable tanned leather that will encourage your parrot to investigate and chew. Not that it will need encouragement. Did we mention? Parrots LOVE chain. This parrot toy rattles like crazy when given a shake, and has a very satisfying weight to it. A goodly portion of chain lovers out there will particularly enjoy pressing their face into the flows of chain, and if you place this bolt-on wonder at the right height, you’’ll likely find them sitting nestled snuggly within it, looking out on the world from their cosy chain retreat. Other parrots will enjoy scooping the lengths up in their beak one at a time, and of course there will always be the parrots who will wish to test their destructive power on it. But there highlights another joy of this toy – (aside from being durable already) it’s completely refillable! We have loads of plastic chain and scrap leather - or anything you like really - in our toy parts section, that you can use to replace, repair or prettify the Plastic Jungle whenever you like. And finally, once the leather is gone this plastic and stainless steel toy can easily go through the dish washer or kitchen sink for cleaning.

In our opinion this parrot toy should deck the side, top or bottom of any cage belonging to a bird of Sun Conure size or bigger!

Hardware: The Plastic Jungle's come with attachments.

Large Plastic Jungle - For larger parrots like macaws and cockatoos.
Whole toy = 25 x 10 x 10cm.
One link of the 8mm thick plastic chain measures 5 x 2.5cm.
Stainless steel bolt = 100mm long, M6.
Small Plastic Jungle - For mid-sized parrots from large sun-conures through to Amazons.
Whole toy = 17 x 8 x 7.5cm
One link of the 6mm thick plastic chain measures 3.5 x 2cm
Stainless steel bolt = 75mm long, M6.

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  1. Great toy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jun 2017

    Got it for my cockatoo and he absolutely loved it. He always chewed on it until he broke all the chains but it took a pretty long time and he did have fun, you can also put some more chain or other toys as a refill.

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