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Parrots for Dummies


Product Description

Thinking about getting a parrot? This friendly guide offers expert advice on everything from taming to nutrition, health care, and parrot safety. You'll see how to keep your feathered friend comfortable and entertained - and you'll better understand the hows and whys of your parrot's instincts and behaviour.

Parrots for Dummies is packed full of useful tips, hints, reminders, and warnings about everything related to parrots and their care, including:

  • Picking a parrot
  • Bringing a new parrot home
  • Parrot behaviour made simple
  • Taming and training your bird
  • Travel tips 
  • Tips for combining parrots & children

Author Nikki Moustaki, avian care and behaviour consultant gives you all of her experienced advice about owning, caring for, and loving parrots. She draws on her professional knowledge as well as her personal familiarity with the bird to show you how to make the most of your parrot-guardian relationship. She includes information on:

  • Purchasing and adopting a parrot
  • Proper housing and food
  • Parrot illnesses and diseases
  • Correcting behavioural problems
  • Living in a multiple parrot household
  • Breeding and showing parrots

In addition to all the help and guidance, Parrots for Dummies comes with a full-colour insert with pictures of over 25 different kinds of parrots to help you choose a new pet that catches your eye or find your existing pet's nearest relation. So whether you're buying your first parrot or looking for some advice about an old friend, Parrots for Dummies has something for you.

Author: Nikki Moustaki
Pages: 358
Illustrations: Colour plates and black/white photos, drawings, and charts
ISBN: 9780764583537

My Parrot Shop Review:

Plain and simple? This is an excellent, up to date, general purpose parrot care book that you will refer to frequently throughout your bird's life.

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