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Lixit Quick Fill Water Bottle


Product Description

This Quick Fill Bottle features a flip top lid and a stainless steel no-drip drinking tip with lever-activation. The flat-sided bottle hugs the cage or carrier and comes with a removable bungee holder to secure water bottle to the outside of the cage with the valve resting on a horizontal cage bar for support. It is made of PET plastic and is BPA free and has graduated markings for convenient monitoring of water intake.

This water bottle has a different mechanism to the usual ballbearing valve design and may take a little practice before your bird figures out how to use it. DO NOT remove other sources of water until successful use of the Quick Fill Bottle has been observed!

Cleaning your Quick Fill Bottle:
It is recommended you clean your bottle at least weekly, using hot soapy water and a bottle brush. Disinfect if desired (10 parts water and 1 part bleach or use a commercial/avian disinfectant) being sure to rinse well.

300ml: 14 cm x 8 cm.
600ml: 17cm x 8cm.

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  1. Lixit quick fill (and empty) 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Sep 2018

    Forgot to mention that the spring also did not allow my bird to use the bottle through the cage bars at home as it is too big and the bottle has way too much movement when the bird tried to drink. My bird had knocked it off the cage within a few minutes while just trying to get a drink. This bottle has a marvelous nozzle that flows well and does not drip but there are major design flaws to the rest of the bottle that need fixing so the birds are not left without water. I will never rely on this bottle (can only use it under total supervision) and will never leave my bird with this as his only water supply.

  2. Lixit quick fill (and empty) 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Sep 2018

    I bought one of these for my Pak-O-Bird carrier. My bird had no issue learning how to use the nozzle which is a great no drip nozzle and its very easy to clean. The problem with this water bottle is the top of it leaks so badly that in the car it is completely empty of water within half an hour of travel. Every time the car hits a bump and the water splashes around some is lost through the top. As the bungee spring for it is not the right size the bottle leans outwards from the carrier (does not sit flush at all) and this also makes the water pour out of the top of the bottle so it cannot be filled up to the top unless I want a massive puddle under it. I unfortunately found out the bottle leaked while using it on a day trip, my car ended up with a puddle on my leather seat and the bird ended up with no fresh water. The nozzle definitely does not drip/leak real pity about the top seals though! Overpriced considering it is not really suitable for travel although that is what it is made for mostly.

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