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The Essential Cockatoo

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This fun, informative, and practical book will help you select, train, and nurture your Cockatoo. In full-colour throughout, chapters include Choosing, Bringing Home, Understanding Your Companion, Nurturing, Training, and Health Care. Co-author Laurie Baker, a companion bird breeder and behaviourist, is a life member of the American Federation of Aviculture and owner of the Feathered Follies Bird Shop in California. Co-author Stuart Borden, a writer with a Master of Fine Arts degree from San Diego State University, acquired his first cockatoo at Feathered Follies. Together, they spare no punches about the hard work and diligence required in keeping these magnificent species.

Author: Laurie Baker and Stuart Borden
Pages: 124
Soft Cover
Illustrations: Colour photos and black/white drawings
Publisher: Barrons
ISBN: 9780910335089

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