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Rattan Knots - Pack of 3

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Approximately 5 - 6cm wide, these rattan knots are a delightful crunchy ball of fun for the destructive parrot. Recommended for duel play time (ie with a human partner) to ensure the safety of your bird. All the loops and gaps make for great exploring but a human should be close by to relieve the bird should it need help withdrawing itself from a tangle!

Play fetch or basket ball or stuff with interesting food items, or just hangout together whilst your parrot reduces them to a pile of short twigs. The rattan knots can be cut into small curls easily with a pair of scissors, and can be cleaned with water and left to dry in the sun if needed.

Cane, Rattan or Wicker?

The words Rattan, Cane and Wicker are often used interchangably when describing various woven articles of many materials. However there are some basic differences you can pin down when you want to get technical. Rattan and Cane are materials that come from the Rattan plant, which is a vine (of which there are over 600 species) native to the South Pacific. For the people who make things with it 'rattan' generally means the whole vine, which is thick and strong but still malleable and can be used as the solid frame for furniture (amongst other things). 'Cane' usually refers to pieces of the vine, which can be flat pieces of varying widths stripped from the outer layers of the vine's skin or the round inner core of the vine. 'Wicker' is the article after it has been weaved (and it can be weaved from anything, not just rattan), but will sometimes refer specifically to articles weaved using fine strips of the rattan vine core.

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