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Shipping & Returns

Packing Schedule

Currently we process and ship website orders on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with the courier/s showing up at approximately 3pm.

Authority to Leave

Our default procedure is to give ‘Authority to Leave’ the parcel if no-one is home.

Please leave a note during checkout if you have a specific place for the courier to leave the parcel or if it is not safe to do so and you would like a card left to arrange pick up.

My Parrot Shop does not accept responsibility for parcels that have been stolen from your property BUT PLEASE don't hesitate to call if your parcel doesn't turn up. Most of the time it has simply gone astray and we are more than happy to go looking for it for you.

Post Office Boxes

Despite Startrack basically being Australia Post, they charge an extra $8.50 for PO Box deliveries. If you enter a PO Box for your delivery address we may need to contact you for an alternative address, which could potentially delay your shipment.

Website Shipping Quote - Australian Customers

We built all the shipping quote stuff on this website, and a dastardly complex task it was! Our calculator will be accurate for most orders, but there are some Australian post codes that get lumped in with a more expensive rate. If you estimate your parcel to be a large one (approx 20kg or more) and you live in a country location, you are welcome to contact us (via the comments field in checkout is fine) for a better shipping quote. We recommend you complete the checkout process selecting a payment method that isn't instant (e.g. bank transfer or call with credit card) - that way we can import your order into our database for a quick preliminary costing.

Shipping Method

In the interest of logistics we reserve the right to use the shipping method of our choice to get your order to you. Your choice of shipping method during checkout will guide our choice (by which we mean:  we won’t be sending it the slow way if you chose an express option, nor send it untracked if you chose a tracked method) and we will contact you if there is any real issue.

Some people have very specific requirements on the freight company they wish to be used. Please make a mention during checkout if this is the case or give us a call to discuss it – we’ve no desire to make life more difficult for you, this is simply a day-to-day logistics thing.  

Australia Shipping Options

All freight options offered at checkout for Australian customers come with tracking.

N.B. We can provide shipping through Australia Post without tracking for less cost, but except for the large shipments the cost-savings are negligible and you will need to contact us to arrange it.

Service  Information
Pick Up  Melbourne customers are offerred during checkout to come pick up their order from our factory in Campbellfield VIC. You MUST call ahead though as the factory does not have steady open hours.
Startrack - Speedy  Next day delivery for metro areas and a little slower for the rest.
Startrack - Standard 2-6 day delivery times depending on your location.


International Shipping Options

Service Delivery time Information
DHL Global Mail 6+ business days  DHL Global Mail is just like sending through the regular postal system. And will mostly reach your door via your local postman. All freight we send this method comes with tracking.
Aus Post Express 2-4 business days between major cities  Includes tracking.
Aus Post Standard  6+ business days Includes tracking
Aus Post Economy Air
(up to 2kg)
10+ business days No tracking – during checkout we only offer this service to NZ customers. If you want this option for elsewhere you need to contact us and agree to waive our responsibilities if it never shows up. We can email proof of sending and that’s it.
Aus Post Economy Sea
(over 2kg)
2-3 months No tracking - not offered during checkout. If you want us to send your parcel by sea you need to contact us and agree to waive our responsibilities if it never shows up. We can email proof of sending and that’s it.


My Parrot Shop will willingly replace or reimburse you for any items sent (or not sent) in error by us and reimburse you for any freight costs if an item needs to be returned. In most cases we can arrange the freight from this end.

Incorrect items must be sent back to us unopened in its original packaging where relevant.

All shipping for ‘change of mind’ returns is at the customer’s expense, unless otherwise agreed.

In all cases please contact us prior to making the return.

Extra Information for International Customers

Customs and Duty

Your country has its own rules for when they charge customs or duty. My Parrot Shop does not accept any responsibility for these fees. Please check with your local customs office for more information. Usually there is a generous threshold for the value of goods you can import for personal use without attracting local taxes.


Your package may be inspected by quarantine officers. Please check carefully with your local quarantine office about prohibited items in your country to avoid having something confiscated. We accept no responsibility for any outcome and can offer no reimbursement.

Checking with your local quarantine office prior to ordering is a good idea if you want to purchase items like food or natural materials. The information contained in our product descriptions should normally suffice for an accurate assessment by the quarantine folk, so it can be useful to have the My Parrot Shop website on your computer when you call them. Your country or state government should have their own website stating their restrictions and processes as well. If you have a question about the materials of any of the products we sell please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Useful Tips for Quarantine

Whilst it can be a bit like playing roulette when importing materials of quarantine concern, we can impart the following useful information (based on LOTS of experience):

Most (but not all) items we sell should make it through quarantine undisturbed.

If you plan to import something that may get a second look going through customs & quarantine – choose a postal service rather than a courier service for your delivery method. This is because all the postal systems around the world have their own in-house quarantine & customs, and it generally ends up being a no-cost service for you. If you are required to put anything in your parcel through a ‘treatment’, the charges are usually very economical as they are doing bulk treatments all the time.

The same situation with a courier frequently ends up costing you a lot more. They don’t always have in-house quarantine staff, nor access to cheap bulk treatment options and will frequently charge you a ‘clearance’ fee for their effort. These charges can be quite unpredictable. If you wish to use a courier service for their other advantages you are welcome to have us look into the possible charges you might face, however the information is far more likely to be correct if you ask the people at your end.

Special Product Notes for Quarantine

The Just Naturals products are likely to be of big concern to quarantine officers as they are made from fresh wood with the bark still on (and thus often containing a grub or bug or two), not to mention all the viable seeds & pods from a variety of native trees. This is great for your parrot (especially if they score one of the big grubs – YUM!) but not so good for the local flora & fauna. Most countries have affordable ‘treatment’ options you can choose to have the products subjected to upon arrival however we highly recommend further research, especially our New Zealand customers, before ordering.

Quarantine restrictions should be researched prior to purchase of any food items.

Some other natural materials like the cholla, abaca, palm leaf or bamboo may attract attention and require heat treatment (or fumigation), but it depends a great deal on the knowledge of the individual who makes the inspection. Normally, in a non-commercial import (ie personal NOT business), providing there are no live insects etc (which there aren’t), it should pass through quarantine unscathed.