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It's like early Christmas for the big birds. This awesome bell toy is 21cm long and 10cm wide and comes with large stainless steel O-rings, large heavy duty marbella beads and large stainless steel liberty bells. Once you hang it up, the giant marbella balls will spin, the large bells will ring and your bird will start the celebration of a long and joyful time spent together.

21cm long.
Each ball is 42mm wide.

Bird Size:

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  3. Long lasting large parrot toy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Mar 2017

    We have a Green Wing Macaw. We got this toy a couple of years ago. It has been the most loved and long lived huge parrot toy we have had. She unhooked the bells fairly quickly as the rings were not solid ( most bells don't survive). BUT the two balls suvived on the chain until very recently (2 years) and she absolutely loved playing with it. She still plays with the individual balls. I hadn't seen it for a while but we will be getting this toy again.

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